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My name is Marissa Hogarth and I reside in Melbourne, Victoria, with my French Bulldogs. I purchased my first French bulldog in 2001, having previously bred Boxers for 15 years, I was looking for a breed that was smaller and easier to manage and I came across this endearing little dog and immediately fell in love. My aim is to produce healthy and happy French bulldogs who go to loving and caring  homes and remember, what ever breed you choose to share your life with "They wag their tails and not their tongues"

Please take your time on the site to inform yourself of all the 'Pros' and 'Cons' of the French Bulldog, not to do so is an injustice to the dog and yourselves.

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** Also note that the French Bulldog is born with a naturally short to Bob tail....no docking is required, nor ever should be.



We are proud to be associated with the FRENCH BULLDOG RESCUE & ADOPTION ASSOCIATION. VICTORIA Inc.......please visit their website.


Marissa Hogarth



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